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Round Three No Response Dispute Letter

Brayan August 16, 2022

Credit Bureau Round Three
​​​​​​​Dispute Letter

(No Response)

​​​​​​​Use this template if you did not receive a response from the Credit Bureaus within 30 days after your initial investigation letter was sent out.. 

Step One: 

Pull your credit report and highlight all of your negative items that you would like to investigate/dispute. 

Step Two: 

Download the Credit Bureau Final Dispute Letter Three (No Response) to edit. 

Credit Bureaus Final Dispute Letter Three (No Response)

Step Three: 

Copy and paste the exact same disputed account information on Credit Bureaus Dispute Letter One on this document. 

Step Four (Optional): 

If you used certified mail to send your Credit Bureau Final Dispute Letter Three (No Response), stating the date you sent the letter w/ a copy of your receipt.

Step Five: 

When you are finished inputting your accounts fill in your contact information (highlighted area). Delete the “wet signature after printing” and “print then sign” wording so when you print the documents you can physically sign the document. 

Step Seven: 

Print document

Step Eight: 

Place documents in envelope. 

Step Nine:

Send the Credit Bureau Final Dispute Letter Three (No Response) to each credit bureau that didn’t respond to you.

Don’t forget to open the Credit Bureaus Dispute Letter One letter and edit the top left corner with your information and the credit bureaus information (highlighted area). 

Step Ten: 

Drop off mail at the post office with a stamp or certified mail (recommended) and save a receipt for proof. 

Step Eleven: 

Mark in your calendar to check and see if the credit bureaus have responded. Wait 30 days for a response. 

Due to COVID-19 credit bureaus have 45 days to respond.

They may avoid letters that are not sent by certified mail!