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Round Three Dispute Letter Introduction

Brayan July 1, 2022
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Credit Bureau Round Three
​​​​​​​Dispute Letter

Wait 30 days to check your credit report again and for the credit bureaus to respond

You will receive 3 different responses from all 3 Bureaus

Step One: 

30 days after you sent your second dispute letter, analyze your credit report. Go through each report and make a note of what was removed from what bureau. This can be taken off your list of what to continue fighting to remove.You will need to look for the following: 

1. Deleted: The item was removed from the credit report.
2. Updated: The information you disputed has been updated. Please review the credit report on what part was updated.
3. Verified: The item was verified and remains on the credit report.Sometimes it takes a couple of disputes to finally get it off.  

Step Two: 

Within 30 days you should obtain your 3 full credit reports. Make sure you save these for your records. 

Step Three: 

Step Three will vary depending on if the credit bureau has responded to you  within 30 days.