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Round One Dispute Letter (Credit Bureau)

Brayan July 1, 2022
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Credit Bureau Phase 1 Dispute Letter

Most people do not start disputing credit bureaus unless they are disputing a Public Record or Student Loans.

We recommend sending your first set of dispute letters to the credit bureaus because the credit bureaus will actually send verification letters to the creditor you are trying to dispute for you.

 This process will save you a mass load of envelopes,  tons of paper, and money you would have to spend on certified mail and stamps. 

Step 1:

Pull out credit report and highlight all of your negative items that you would like to investigate/dispute. 

Step 2:

Download the Credit Bureau Dispute Letter One to edit. This is the first letter you are going to send out. 

Credit Bureau Dispute Letter One

Step 3:

Download the Dispute Letter Verbiage document. You are going to refer this while creating your dispute letters.

Dispute Letter Verbiage

Step 4:

You will need to save the Dispute Letter One letter 3 times for each credit bureau: 

Equifax Dispute Letter One letter

TransUnion Dispute Letter One letter

Experian Dispute Letter One letter

Open the Credit Bureaus Dispute Letter One letter and edit the top left corner with your information and the credit bureaus information (highlighted area). 

Step 5: 

Open the Dispute Letter Verbiage document next to your Dispute Letter One letter. Input the type of account you are trying to dispute, company name, account number, and your explanation (on Dispute Letter Verbiage document). 

Step 6:

When you are finished inputting your accounts fill in your contact information (highlighted area). Delete the “wet signature after printing” and “print then sign” wording so when you print the documents you can physically sign the document. Do not print yet.

Step 7: 

Add a new page to the document with a scanned picture of your drivers license or State ID, Social Security Card, Proof of residence that matches your DL or State ID, or second proof of residence if your address doesn’t match your drivers license or State ID.

Step 8: 

Print document.

Step 9:

Place documents in an envelope. 

Step 10:

Drop off mail at the post office with a stamp or certified mail (recommended) and save a receipt for proof. 

Step 11:

Mark in your calendar to check and see if the credit bureaus have responded. Wait 30 days for a response. 

Due to COVID-19 credit bureaus have 45 days to respond.

They may avoid letters that are not sent by certified mail!