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Paydex Score

Brayan August 15, 2022


Once (3) Vendors are reporting, you will now have generated a PAYDEX Score! 


Once you achieve an 80 PAYDEX score, you are now ready for business credit funding. The 80 PAYDEX score now allows you to increase approval odds for business credit cards as some business credit cards want to see both an established business credit history and personal credit history. 

The PAYDEX score allows you to qualify for NO PG Merchant accounts in the next lesson. These aren’t required, BUT if you NEED one of them for your business, go right ahead AND

IF YOU WANT TO increase your funding capacity (Get approved for higher limit cards), it’s recommended that you get a business account with a $10,000 limit, such as a DELL. 

Your Paydex score should be 80 when you have 3 trade-lines reporting.

You can skip building business credit and acquiring a PAYDEX Score if you are in a rush. PAYDEX is mainly for business lines of credit. Banks rarely want to see a PAYDEX for business credit cards.

Get Free Access To Your Business Credit Score with NAV. 
(Unless you want the $39.99 Nav Credit Boost)


To get an even higher score beyond 80 pay your invoices 20-35 days early and you will get closer to a 90 Paydex.