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No PG Vehicle Auto Loan

Ally Financial

Ally Financial has two options for purchase a vehicle in the business name as stated on their website: 

Third Party Guarantee: If you don’t qualify for no PG (Not enough business credit built) you can personally guarantee the vehicle but it will not show on your personal reports unless you default. 

Business Name Only: If you have business credit profile and scores you can purchase in the business name with no PG. 

Greatly increases the odds of No PG Approval:

-Having atleast 5 business trade-lines reporting to Dun and Bradstreet and Experian Business

– 1 Year in Business

-3 Mo Bank statements showing you earn enough to afford the payment(not always asked)

-$500 to $3,000 down payment (Not always required)

Go to your local dealership (always call first and save your time) and ask to speak with the dealer financing manager and let him or her know you’d like to buy a commercial vehicle in your BUSINESS NAME, if they ask why just state you don’t want commercial vehicles to effect your DTI or personal credit. 

Most of the time they will just ask for: 

EIN Letter

Articles of Formation

From there they will offer you lower interest rates to undergo a credit check, most of the time its optional. Pick from the dealerships below, our clients have had success with these as well as JEEP.


Ford Commercial


GM Financial


Toyota Financial

Will not report to personal reports unless you default.


(Rare cases no PG if 2 years or more in business with established biz credit)

PNC Bank

Will not report to personal reports unless you default.