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Removing Hard Inquiries

If you are removing hard inquiries from your personal credit report that are connected to OPEN accounts this can result in the creditor CLOSING your account. 

With business credit cards however, after 4 months of having the account or as soon as we are approved and before the account reports, we can remove the inquiries from our personal report without the creditor closing the business credit card so we can do another round of funding. 

Phone Call Removal Method

Inquiry Removal Guide

The phone call removal method is the quickest way to remove inquiries. Although it can be daunting as you may have to call multiple times till you get a supervisor who will remove the inquiries no questions asked, it is much quicker and more effective than sending letters.

Freezing Secondary Reporting Agencies

In order to make the inquiry removal letter method more effective, we need to freeze Secondary Credit Reporting Agencies Innovis, Lexis Nexus and Sage Stream. 

These secondary credit reporting agencies have the information needed to verify these inquires as accurate, by freezing these agencies we can suppress that information and make our letters more effective. 

This is also effective (Along with freezing all agencies in the guide below) for removing: Charge offs, REPO, Collection, Medical Bills, Child Support, Bankruptcies and Student loans. 

SBA Freeze Guide

Inquiry Removal Letter Method

The only inquiry you can remove are hard inquires. Hard inquiries onlydamage your credit score temporarily and do not affect your credit score after two 

years old because of this removing an inquiry is not to important if you have good credit. If you have poor or marginal credit and need to use your credit score right away you should probably seek removal. 

Reminder: You only want to remove and inquiry on closed account, unauthorized inquires or denied credit request  

Creating Your Inquiry Letter

After you send out your change of address/personal information letters wait 7 days to send out your inquiry letters to the credit bureaus. 

Step 1: Send Inquiry Removal Letter 1 to the credit bureau to dispute unauthorized inquiries on your credit report.

Letter 1

Step 2: If the credit bureau do not reply within 30 days or they say the inquiries were “verified” from Inquiry Letter 1 send Inquiry Removal Letter 2.

Letter 2

Step 3: Wait 30 days after you sent your inquiry Removal Letter 2 to request the removal of hard Inquiries directly from the creditor. When you send out this letter you are challenge whether the inquiring creditor had proper authorization to pull your credit file. Remember to keep a copy for your files and send the letters as registered mail for the best response.

Letter 3

Due to COVID-19 credit bureaus have 45 days to respond.

They may avoid letters that are not sent by certified mail!