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Get your DUNS Number!

Brayan August 4, 2022


Request a New Duns Number and do not pay for anything!  

DUNS Number


This is one of the most commonly used Business Credit Bureaus.

 Credit Bureaus collect your personal information and payment history and package it into a report and score that they sell to anyone who needs to know more about you and your credit worthiness. 

  1. Go to DNB.com: Click “Get a DUNS Number” under the “D-U-N-S Number” Tab.  Search for your company, scroll to the bottom and select “Get a new DUNS Number”
  2. Fill out the Application: Fill out the Credit Application using the Professional Business Email, Address and phone number. You can put 2-3 Years in business in this section and a sales projection, lenders will see this and it will influence your ability to be approved for credit.
  3. Submit: Although it says it will take (30) days you will receive an e-mail within 3-5 days typically or you can login and do the DUNS Search again and you’ll see your company and #. 

Complete the application and within a few days you’ll receive and e-mail from them with your DUNS Number! 

You can also log back into your Dun and Bradstreet account at anytime to view your payment history and ensure your Vendor accounts are posting in the future. 

Once you have your DUNS Number we can begin applying for Business Tradelines to establish Business Credit History and Scores.