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Funding Accelerator Toolkit

Brayan August 15, 2022


                            Grab Your Funding Accelerator Toolkit here!

Funding Accelerator Tool

Funding Accelerator Tool

1. Click “Open With” Google Sheets

2. Click “File” and “Make a Copy” 

You now have access to make edits as you wish. 

Grab Your Funding Accelerator Toolkit here

The Goal Of Building Business Credit

The reality of building business credit is that, unless we have a use for these various vendors, stores and fuel cards, we should not buy them just for the sake of building business credit.

The goal is to obtain (3) Tradelines per Business Credit Bureau so that we can obtain an SBSS Score of 195 or higher. 

The SBSS scores can be used for term loans and lines of credit for amounts up to $1 million.

They are a combination of our Business Credit and FICO Scores. 

We can view our SBSS Score by purchasing the $49.99 NAV Business Loan Builder Package. 

Only proceed beyond (3) Tradelines if you actually have a need for these purchases, otherwise you are just wasting your time and money.