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Freeze Secondary Cr. Reporting Agencies

Brayan August 16, 2022

Freeze Secondary
​​​​​​​Credit Reporting Agencies

One of the biggest reasons individuals don’t see progress whether disputing on their own or using credit repair companies is failing to suppress/freeze secondary credit reporting agencies.

Most credit reporting companies don’t do this on your behalf and this is one of the main reasons they get such terrible results.

Secondary Credit Reporting Agencies(SCRA’s) collect your information like payment history, what accounts you own, bad debts etc. and are used by the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Transunion) to verify your disputes.

By freezing your reports with these agencies, this information is no longer available, making it difficult if not impossible for the credit bureaus to verify the debt and will increase the likelihood of getting deletions. 

You can request to freeze your data with third party data companies. Follow the links below and fill out their online forms to freeze your data.

Freeze LexisNexis


Freeze Innovis


Freeze Saga Stream

Saga Stream

Freeze ARS