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Dispute Letter Preparation

Brayan July 1, 2022
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Dispute Letter Preparations

The next letter sent out after your Address Verification Letter is your Dispute letter. The dispute letters can be sent as early as 7 days after your address verification was sent out! 

Get your envelopes and stamps ready because we will continue to keep sending each letter 30 days apart from now on!

What you need to Start

✔ Word document or Google document, any document service you can type with on your computer or device

​✔ Picture of your Driver’s License (official photo identification card).

​✔ Proof Of Residence that matches your address on your Driver’s License.If your Driver’s License does not match your current residence, you will need to provide two forms  of proof of residence that will prove your address. 

Examples of Proof of Residence 
Utility bill with the correct address (gas, water, cable, residential phone bill), Cell phone bill, Pay stub, W2 form, 1099 form, Rental lease agreement/house deed, Mortgage statement, Bank statement, State ID

If you use a P.O BOX and are able to use that for your proof of residence, you will see the best results. The less amount of information the bureaus have on you, the better chances you will get deletions of your derogatory items.

✔ Social Security Card 

​✔ Organization system: Whether you would like to keep physical copies of your dispute letters or save them on your computer, make sure you have them organized. 

You could use 3 manila envelopes or file folders and write out Equifax, Experian and Transunion on each. Any envelope will work. 

You could store your letters as PDFs on your computer and label them in folders named Equifax, Experian and Transunion. 

Whatever you choose, it’s important to make copies of all the letters you create  before sending them out and the responses you get.

I also recommend putting dates on the documents you send out and get back.