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Brayan July 1, 2022
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Below is a list of National lenders and the requirements to be approved as well as each bureau they will be checking. Again, 

The idea here is to get (6) Business Credit card approvals via establishing a relationship with some lenders and seasoning a bank rating to obtain high limit credit cards. 

Some lenders like American express or American Airlines don’t require a relationship or bank rating. With Chase and other lenders, a bank rating will highly influence the amount you will be approved for. 

                                                         PULLS: TRANSUNION

                                                                         Pre-Qualified Offers

Must be a member first, Business accounts should not require affiliation with military. 

                                  PULLS: BASED OFF STATE, MOSTLY EXPERIAN

                                                                   Chase Business Cards

You can apply for 2 Chase Business card per month, this is called the 2 in 30 rule.. Keep in mind if you’ve been approved for 5 credit cards on the personal side in the last 24 months, Chase won’t approve you because you are locked out of the 5/24 rule.

My Recommendation: The Chase Ink Cash (Gray Card) Is the easiest approval and 0% for 12 months. If you have a 730+ Consider the Chase Ink Business Preferred or unlimited.  

                                                              PULLS: EXPERIAN

                                                                          Pre-Qualifed Offers

AMEX 1 in 5 Rule, you can apply for a card every 5 days, so you can be approved for (2) Cards within one week. Once you have one American Express Card they will do a Soft Pull when Qualifying you for the next: This means two cards for one inquiry! My recommendation is the American Express Blue Business Plus and 5 days later the Blue Business Cash.             

                                                                PULLS: EXPERIAN


Wells Fargo typically requires you to have a (6) Month relationship with them to access their Business Line Of Credit and (1) Year for credit cards. However, when you open an account they can do a softpull to verify your information and will offer you a Business card if you are qualified. Call your branch and ask them for the requirements.

                                  PULLS: EXPERIAN OR UNFROZEN BUREAU


Bank Of America Pulls Experian 80% of the time. However, in many cases if you Freeze Experian they will pull another bureau. Essentially, you can force them to pull the bureau you want. 

                                                          PULLS: TRANSUNION


Barclays has a Business Master card that is 0% for 15 months. They pull Transunion 94% of the time. Bank account not required. 

                                      PULLS EXPERIAN 50% , EQUIFAX 40%, TU 10% 


CITI Bank sometimes pulls Equifax which is great because most major lenders pull Experian, leaving you with a hard time finding Equifax pulls. If you actually want them to pull Experian, you can freeze other reports and they are willing. They will not allow you to freeze Experian and pull anything else unless they pull that bureau for your state.

                               PULLS TRANSUNION 50% , EQUIFAX 25%, EXPERIAN 25% 


US bank is great to meet your Transunion funding spot and the US bank Platinum comes 0% for 15 months. Although they are difficult to get cards approved and better to open an account with as well. They will not check a different report then the report that they want. 

                                                                    PULLS: EQUIFAX


BB&T Is a bank with branches in all major states and even a few smaller operations in many states. They merged with Suntrust and both banks offer 0% for 12 months business credit cards. 

                                                         PULLS: EQUIFAX 70%

                                                                           TU 10%

                                                                   EXPERIAN 20%


                                                              TRIPLE BUREAU PULL

Capital One Spark Business cards (0% for 9 months) are some of the easiest to get approved for and were very unpopular for two reasons: They pull ALL 3 bureaus and report debt to your personal. 

As of November 2020 Capital One announced they will no longer report the card to your personal credit. 

If you Freeze ONE Bureau they will pull two and you can still get approved. If you freeze any more than one bureau you will be auto denied.


                                              FLEET CARDS

With an 80 PAYDEX score and 5-7+ Accounts reporting it is possible to get approved for Fleet Cards without a Personal Guarantee. 

                FUEL MAN                              CHEVRAN TEXACO                      BP MASTER CARD

    Apply for (5) Accounts before moving    onto Business Lines of Credit and Loans.