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Credit Card Liquidation Strategies

Brayan August 4, 2022

                  Turning Cards Into CASH

                How To Turn Credit Cards

                     Into Cold Hard Cash! 

Now that you’ve got you’re new credit cards you’re probably wondering how to leverage some of the 0% Offers that you have. 

In many cases, Credit Cards can be used as cash anywhere that Credit cards are accepted. You can even invest in a rental property or home using credit cards. You can pre-pay a lease using a 0% card and purchase the equipment you need for your business. 

In some cases you’ll want strictly cash, here are multiple ways to get cash out of credit cards: 


Cash Advance

Cost: 3%-5%

You can do a cash advance 3%-5% fee  

Step 1: Find a Credit Card that will let you take the highest cash advance possible. 

Step 2: Find another credit cards that will let you transfer a balance for 0% intro APR for 9 – 20 months. 

Step 3. Take as large a cash advance as the first credit card will allow. Then immediately transfer the balance to the other cards at 0% APR.

With this method all you have to do is pay the one time cash advance fee if the card has one (Typically 3% – 5%) and now you pay off the card at 0% interest over the intro period. 

Balance Transfer Refund

Cost: Free / Balance Transfer Fee 3%-5%

You can get extra cash by doing a large balance transfer on a small balance. 

You need to have a credit card that has debt on it, if its zero balance the balance transfer won’t go through. 

Lets say you have two credit cards, Credit Card A and Credit Card B.

Credit Card A has a $100 balance on it. 

Credit Card B is a card with a $10,000 Credit Limit and 0% intro offer for balance transfers. (Note: Some 0% cards are 0% strictly for purchases, Some are 0% strictly for balance transfers)

You can request to do a balance transfer of the maximum amount(Lets say $10,000) From Credit Card A ($100 Debt) to Credit Card B ($10,000 available)

When the balance transfer goes through, Credit Card A will show -$9,900 on the account. 

You can call the credit card company and they will issue you an over payment check!

This is a check or cash money deposit that can go right into your bank account.

Now The $10,000 balance is 0% interest for 9-20 months on the balance transfer card! Its also business Credit Card so it doesn’t report to personal credit! 

Balance Transfer Checks

0$ Or Balance Transfer Fee 3%-5%

Some banks like Chase have “Balance Transfer Checks”. These are checks that can be used to transfer other types of debt other than credit cards onto your 0% Credit card. You can also write this check out to yourself and cash it at another bank. 

DO NOT get these confused with “Convenience Checks” Which are simply a cash advance check from your credit card. 

If you want to learn more about these checks click the button below. 

Balance Transfer Checks

Venmo or Cashapp

Cost: 3% Fee with Credit Cards

You can send Venmo / Cashapp yourself money or a family member / close friend then withdraw to bank account.


Cost: 3% Fee with Credit Cards

PLASTIQ Is a service that allows people to write a check from their credit card for a 3% fee. To checkout their website click the button below.

Checks From Cards

                                            Store Refund


Some stores have refund policies that state if you purchase something with credit and return it, the refund will be in cash instead of electronic.

Other times you can make a large purchase at a hardware store or apple store and pay using two cards, a Credit and Debit card. Ask to put most of the purchase on Credit, then the rest on debit. Come back, return the items and tell them you lost the credit card and request to have the full refund to the Debit card. 

                                            Buy Bitcoin


Purchase bitcoin using credit card from crypto.com its the only website that waives the credit card fee. Sell bitcoin for USD and deposit it to your bank. 


                                               Tesla Refund

You can take out an autoloan to purchase a Tesla for say, $30k – $60k.

If you return the Tesla within 7 days you are paid out with a check. You can deposit this check in another bank.

Now you have a “Personal Loan” At auto loan interest rates. Auto loan rates on brand new vehicles are typically as low as 1.5%