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Acquiring Scores and Reports

Brayan August 16, 2022

Obtaining your
​​​​​​​Credit Score & Credit Report 

During your credit repair process, it is crucial that you pull your credit report every 31 days to see your dispute progress.

There are several ways to get your credit report and scores, but with so many companies promising they are the best resource to pull your credit reports and scores, it can be confusing on which one to pick. 

When choosing a company, you want to keep in mind that some companies offer scores but no reports and vice versa and also use different scoring models. For this reason, when you pull your credit score you may see different scores from each company.  

Credit Score vs. Credit Report

In order to repair your credit, you need both your credit report and credit score.

Where to get your free credit report and score

By law, you can obtain a copy of your credit report every 12 months. 
You can receive your credit report free yearly from the 
three major credit bureaus:


AnnualCreditReport.com gives you all 3 credit reports from the 3 credit bureaus but does not give you a credit score.

The data on your Experian, Equifax, and Transunion reports will be different. Every bureau does not always report the same exact information. For example, one bureau may show more negative items on your report than the other two. 

With that in said, A lower score could be the result of incorrect information on your report due to human error, computer errors, or identity theft. 

To avoid any surprises, it’s always a good idea to check your report on a monthly basis. 

Other Credit Report and Score Services

**Our Recommendation**


We highly recommend IdentityIQ. IdentityIQ pulls your credit scores and credit reports from all 3 bureaus (Equifax, Transunion + Experian) while also protecting you from identity theft. 

You are able to get credit reports from the Top 3 credit bureaus for just $1.

After the seven days, Identity IQ turns into credit monitoring. In order to track your credit repair progress, I highly recommend keeping this service. It can show you what accounts are added, items you do not recognize, and most importantly which credit bureau has taken action on your disputes and what has been deleted off your reports.

There are three different monthly plans you can purchase that will show you your credit report and score: SecureMAX ($29.99 Monthly), SecurePRO ($19.99 Monthly), SecurePlus (9.99 Monthly). 

The plan recommended is SecurePRO ($19.99 Monthly). If your not interested in the monthly service you can call and cancel anytime within the 7 day trial period, just make sure to save this credit report for your records.

We recommend using IDENTITYIQ because during your credit repair process it is crucial that you pull your credit report every 31 days to see your dispute progress and IDQ allows you to pull your credit report every month.