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We provide you with the most valuable knowledge on credit building. Plus, with our step-by-step videos that guide you through the entire process, you will surely be on track. It’s something that will motivate you to learn every day!

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Your presence means the most to us. That is why we offer you lifetime access to our programs. Enjoy daily, monthly, or yearly updates on the blog post, articles, and videos on the core programs as much as you want!

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Get mentored by Brayan Leverage himself. Talking about leveraging and getting your business on top, Brayan is the key. Learn the secret from him directly on how to access multiple six figures of credit lines to fund your business. He has shown thousands of entrepreneurs how to reach their goals; he can teach as no one does!

About LCS
Leverage Cap Solutions

LCS is a Business Financial Literacy Academy. We aim to teach business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs the confidential solutions to access 0% interest funds to upscale the business and leverage it. Learning to create multiple incomes is something every business-minded people would aspire for in their venture. Be one of them when you enroll with us!

We at LCS personally invite you to members-only mentorship with our very own Brayan Leverage. Learn to access hidden resolutions in building your credit lines and take the most out of it so you can do your business and improve your credit management skills.

With the help of LCS, we can ensure that, like each of our students, you get an unparalleled experience in learning techniques to improve your business handling methodologies. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

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Personal Credit Course

$ 100
  • Credit Repair Kit:
  • Credit Score vs. Credit Report
  • Inquiry Removal
  • Dispute Letters
  • Creditors & Collection Agencies

Business Credit Mastery Course

$ 600
  • Business Foundation
  • Business Structuring
  • Business Funding
  • Investing
  • Business Credit
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